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How to make money online with My OpinionPay

Published on Jan 12th, 2023 11:04 pm

My OpinionPay is an online community where members get rewarded for their opinion on topics that interest them. Members are rewarded to complete various online activities like online surveys, watching videos, ads, and more.

My OpinionPay operates globally. We accept members from every part of the world. If you reside in the UK, Mainland Europe, Africa, and Asia, an invitation is open for you to join today.


How to make money on My OpinionPay?


Like many online rewards communities, My OpinionPay offers various methods of earnings.


  • Offerwall Surveys

Offerwall surveys are the most common rewarding offer in rewards communities. My OpinionPay as a new community does have two offerwall partners (CPX Research and …). We are working to increase our offerwall partners but it is important to work with those able to provide good rewards opportunities to our members.

Some members may find that our offerwall partners don’t have earning opportunities in their countries. Not to border about that. We offer other earning opportunities.

  • Paid to view videos

Paid videos are money-making opportunities for everyone registered on My OpinionPay. You can view videos every 24h when available.


  • Paid to Signup 

Paid to signup are offers where a member signup on to a partner website or subscribes to their email list. It is free.

Paid to signup offers sometimes content high paid surveys. This a great earning opportunity.


  • Referral 

Our referral system is one of the best ways to make additional income without working. By referring a new member, you will earn money and will continue to do so on offers completed by your referral.


As previously mentioned My OpinionPay is a new reward community. We are working to bring more partners on board with more offers. This can be done if you register today and help grow our community.

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